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Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.

How is the Process?-The Sequences

The Sequence of Pan-Maturing Process will induce person undergoing the process to the realization of being controlled, and learning the basic techniques to cope with the synchronized environment.

This Pan-Maturing process can be divided into several sequences and subsequences.

The beginning and most basis of the sequence is the Learning sequence follows by: Submissive sequence, Justification sequence and finally Coexisting sequence.

The sub-subsequences of the Learning sequence are:

Muting sub-sequence: Learn not to tell others of the synchronized situation.

Ignoring sub-sequence: Learn to ignore the unnecessary synchronization.

Selecting sub-sequence: Learn to pick up the fit synchronization for own ultimate aim.

The sub-subsequences of the Submissive sequence are:

Believing sub-sequence: Believe in being controlled by certain force.

Distinction sub-sequence: Search to identify the force: divine force like various religions or scientifically explanation.

Definite sub-sequence: Once the identification has been made then has strong faith in the chosen form of power.

The sub-subsequences of the Justification sequence are:

Utilization sub-sequence: Trying to get own believed power to assist own aim.

Confusing sub-sequence: Due to not able to achieve own aim smoothly start to confuse on the chosen synchronization.

Justified sub-sequence: Through the confusion learn to acquire self justification on the fit synchronization and pursuing (or worship) the believed power to guard him toward the success.

The sub-subsequences of the Co-existing sequence are:

Peaceful sub-subsequence: Using the chosen faith to peace own mind.

Avoiding sub-sequence: Avoiding and totally ignoring the synchronization.

Fitful sub-sequence: In great difficulty tend to go back to the Justification sequence.

After all the sequences and their sub-sequences the undergoing person is in the Mature Phase and he finally learnt to co-exist with the synchronized environment peacefully.