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Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.

Is this a familiar scenario to you?

Three persons A, B and C are in an office. A and B are going to reach a final agreement to be joint venture partners in a business venture, whereas C is a lawyer taking care of the documentation for the joint venture.

The following conversation is heard:

A: “I have decided to be your joint venture partner.”

B: “Oh! I am glad to hear it!”

A: “However, I would like the joint venture agreement arrange…..”

(While A is talking to B with this sentence, A rubs his nose with an awful palm, his fingers apparently curl inward. A being aware of his own behavior, a thought flash into A’s mind: why onset of this behavior? Is there anything wrong with my speech? A then thinks maybe lets ignore it first, and A continues the conversation as if everything is normal.)

(B notes the awful act of A with a barely noticed smile and thought A must be up to something which may not be fair or virtue and have something hidden from B. B keeps silent and regards the awful act as normal.)

(C noted the awful act and keeps silent and ignores it.)

B then answers,

B: “well, I think rather than arrange like what you said, I suggest…..”

(Now, instead of A, B’s fingers also curl inward and B feels his nose itchy, B with a glance of puzzling, thinks why me too? Am I violating anything or what I want to do is not virtue? Finally B can not bear the itch and rubs the nose with the same awful act like A! B again like A ignores own awful behavior and goes on with the discussion.)

(A notes the awful act of B again with a barely noticed smile. In A’s mind: ha, this fellow has intended to take advantage.)

(Again C notices the awful act of B and remains calm and silent as if nothing happened.)

We have an interesting scenario; apparently all three persons clearly see each other behaviors, in which A and B have the awful acts of curl finger, and C behaves as if nothing happened. Nobody seems to be surprised of the scenario and keeps silent as if an understanding of this scenario has long been established among the three of them.

The awful act of curling fingers for A and B apparently look like the behavior of a mental break down patient or at least a person suffering some sorts of neuron break down disease. Both seem to be lack of control of their own palm and fingers, but both of them seem to have no panic for this lack of control “sickness” or “syndrome”. They continue to ignore and carry on the discussion. After a while when both have given ways to each other and let the agreement be reached, both of their symptoms disappear and both are not bother by all these. C clearly notices this entire scenario and yet C’s behavior is to treat A and B as normal person not as mental patients or person apparently have some forms of neurons problem.

What has caused A, B and C to behave likes the above situation? Apparently A and B can be classified as mental illness patients and C’s mentality is also in some sort of problem because he has no panic response to A and B behaviors. The funniest thing is all of them just ignore and treat each other as if each is a normal person!

Why do they ignore each others’ acts? What cause them to understand or tell them the scenario described above is absolutely normal? Why all of them remain silent as if nothing happen? What make them to do so?

These questions open up a phenomenon that is so common among the human behaviors and yet so far no discussion or study of this phenomenon has been properly presented or systematical analyzed.

This phenomenon opens our door to the way of understanding the Pan-Maturing Process. We are now going into a proof of the existence of this process as well as search for the truth of this process and trying to visual out its secret and fundamental elements.

(At this moment I have no intention to link this phenomenon with any psychology study, or any scientific terms, which I will leave these links to another section and will discuss it in full length and depth. In this section the truth of existing and definition of this phenomenon, as phased by me as Pan-Maturing Process will be put into discussion and elaboration.)

A stage of behavior which I describes above as these three persons are considered to be in a matured stage of their mental upgrading or what ever the jargons we can invent for this stage: A stage that these three persons have gone through a sequences of process that they become to possess strong mentalities to cope with and understand the awful acts just described, a stage that they can ignore the onset of the awful situation, a stage that they can percept or predict each other mind through the observation of each other awful act. Or put in a simple word they are seemed to be synchronized to each others.

How did these three persons relate to the maturing stage described? How they are able to acquire the stage of matured? What make them synchronized to each others?

To answer these, let us go back to them:

A had a traumatized experience of depression, visited psychiatrist and at one time was on prescription medicine to help to overcome the depression.

B had no psychology disturbance background, and in B’s life every thing seems to work right to the desire of B. B is a satisfied and religious person.

C has a rather submissive character and seems no record of any depression and mental disorder. C is a very quiet person ever since the school time.

Three different characters with totally different background of mentalities, have they gone through the same process defined as Pan Maturing Process? Will it be ridiculous? What puzzle is it? What actually is going on?

The synchronized mutual silent of understand and ignore behaviors in this familiar scenario may seem to conclude that all of them seem to be “well trained” to face the awful scenario without panic. (The behavior of these three persons’ interactions in such a synchronized way must have a common cause which we will later go on to explore in the title ‘How is the process’.)

Through a common unknown or till now undefined process; they all unpleasantly learn (whether spontaneous or gradually) how to respect and cope with a natural phenomenon which synchronized them to oppose their virtue, and yet have to live peacefully with this natural phenomenon some how to the extent they have to ignore the interference from it in order to have a normal life just like the scenario described above.

Pan-Maturing Process may be a common process that will happen to all human kind whether in the form of spontaneous or gradually condition. The final emergence of the process will be like all these individuals described above that they are mature enough to cope or co-exist with a natural synchronized environment.

Those readers who have the experience of this Pan-Maturing Process will very much agree with the scenario of the above description. However, those readers who have not experienced this Pan Maturing Process will not be convinced. And they cannot understand “the familiar scenario” described as above.

We now come to a segregation of experienced and inexperienced; the segregation into experienced and inexperienced of the Pan-Maturing Process seems to create a barrier for the inexperienced to understand the process. This creates a fear for those experienced person to tell the truth of the process (if they confess their experience they may be considered as mental disorder patients) and therefore causes difficulty in proofing the existence of this process.