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Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.

Possible Causes of Pan Maturing Process

At this particular time it is very difficult to discuss the causes of the Pan Maturing Process due to the fact that the Surveys have not been done and no Data can be classified for analysis. However, we may discuss the possible causes in a manner of assumption or worse “guessing”.
Let us start with the assumption of a new jargon “Inertia of Survive” or Inertial Surviving. The definition of this Inertia of Survive is as follow: “an undesired event will cause an individual to go through the miserable suffering to the extent that this individual feels that life is being threaten or life is being worthless. This individual will start to search back for the normal life style he experienced before the undesirable event happened." An analogy to the term “Inertia” in Physic’s Newton’s First Law of Motion can be presented in this manner that this individual is reluctant to change his life style after any undesirable event.
Undesirable Events, Inertia of Survive and Pan Maturing Process
The following diagram showed the relationship between undesirable events, the Inertia of Survive and Pan Maturing Process:
After the occurring of undesired events like partial brain damage, disable damages on body, serious sickness, abuse of drugs, natural disasters like earth quake and loss of loved one etc the individual will be in a stage of shock and wish to go back to the normal life: in our jargon the “Inertia Survive”. This particular stage of searching may be the beginning of the triggering for the Pan Maturing Process. Any individual not able to tolerate the event may react strongly and cause the Whole Physiology Systems of the body into a stage of confusion hence triggering the Pan Maturing Process. The process may very much be for the surviving of individual in the sense that the process will automatically guide this individual to be able to survive in a changing situation, which may be just a biological technique of surviving.
Let us take the single celled organisms to describe this assumption:
A photolysis single celled organism and a chemilysis single celled organism were put in the middle level of the tank, the following diagram showed the responses of these two organisms:
It is too easy to understand that the photolysis organism will move toward the sunlight where as the chemilysis organism will move in the opposite direction to the dead debris…... Now let us ask a question: what causes this to happen? They have no nervous systems and they have only very simple form of sensory organ, and even when the conditions are unfavorable for them to move up or down they will bypass the adverse obstructions and steadily move in the same direction provide they are not being trapped. Are these biological responses to food sources and the adverse environments an analogy to the synchronization to environment in the Pan Maturing Process?
The Quorum sensing of some strands of bacteria; Vibrio fischeri, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as well as the Quorum sensing of Social Insects (source from Wikipedia) may be analogical to the mutual synchronization of individuals as described in the section of “Is this a familiar scenario to you?”.
Through this long evolved process of synchronization, creating choices of fit pattern of synchronizations for the organisms to respond for their irreversible new surviving conditions, then through this irreversible of fit pattern of synchronizations, organisms may have to survive in a new yet slightly different environment and gradually stimulate to evolve into a better physiological systems, which as time pass Pan Maturing Process may be retained as a technique to gain better surviving skills.
Similarly it is not difficult to find examples in the animals’ world analogy to Pan Maturing Process. Animals remain in the stage of being wild may be the situation that they are not able to overcome the Pan Maturing Process and hence remain in the primitive form of surviving.
Where as Human Being is able to enter the Submissive sequence and play well in the Justification sequence and therefore gaining a better condition on Coexisting sequence as time pass on. On the other hand the behavior of social insects and animals may reach the Submissive sequence yet not able to enter the Justification sequence.
Putting all these together, Pan Maturing Process may be assumed (or guessed) as a very primitive physiological response by an organism engages in the crisis for surviving to the changing environment. Nevertheless a lot of researches and experiments are needed to be done for this guessing work before a new theory can be formulated to explain the peculiar process of Pan Maturing.

Hijack and Manipulation

If the “Pan Maturing Process” exists then this process can be easily hijacked for “Playing Magic” on Psychological influences as if the Magician can play “Magic” (delusion) on the objects.
The manipulation usually starts at the time when the individual is facing a lot of difficult situations. These undesirable conditions will gradually build up the physiological responses of the individual. This then followed by the drug administer and certain psychological tricks play to this individual through the Initiators in order to increase the intensity of the physiological responses, hence triggers the process.
Once the triggering has started then the Learning sequence can be easily manipulated. The ongoing desire to tell other can easily be picked up by persons done the monitoring, both the initiators and monitors. Through the desire of telling the secret, the monitor will then decide whether this individual is a hidden spy. If the individual is not a spy, the monitor will then see if the individual have the quality of being mute then he/she may be absorbed to become an under covered agent.
To train a successful and capable spy (under covered agent) will be best in his or her natural condition and the training shall be so natural that nobody will pay attention to it, then the chances for this spy to survive in the adverse conditions will be increased. And the Pan Maturing Process exactly provides the condition for the monitors to conduct such training.
Worst still the Selecting sub-sequence provides a perfect process for those potential spies to be monitored until desirable fit pattern of operations achieved, where only the monitor will know how to use the right tuned electromagnetic frequency to activate these sets of fit synchronizations.
Just ponder carefully, the Muting sub sequence is to train the individual not to tell the secret, the Ignoring sub sequence is to train the individual not to be confused by all the unnecessary influences and the Selecting sub-sequence is to fix a fit pattern for this individual to carry up the operation, what a perfect matching!
For those who fail in this manipulation will be divided into two folds: those who fail in the keeping of secret will put into situation that he/she may end up in the mental ward, as for those who are able to go through the process yet not qualified for being spy will then be social-engineered to different fit patterns of citizens.
We never know whether the lives of six million Jews sacrificed in German concentration camps and tens of thousands of Chinese lives sacrificed in Japanese unit 731 experiments during the World War II had been systematically experimented for this process then executed.
Note: Initiators are a group of people who have been long experienced the process and have been absorbed to carry out the initiation of the manipulating process:

Jobs (tricks) done by the initiators are as followed:

1. stalking and spying the under processed individuals
2. admitting drugs
3. install electrical devices
4. set fooling tricks and programs
5. spreading rumors and etc

The initiators are divided into two folds; those who are not aware and yet being controlled to do so, for example like force to follow or wait for certain person for no meaning at all…..
AND those who intentionally follow the under processing individual and proceed to the under processing individual’s habitats to install and electronic devices which create the psychological tricks/effects. These psychological tricks are mainly exploiting the effects from the following Non-lethal weaponry techonologies:
1) Microwaves Radio Frequency Tricks
2) High-Peak Electromagnetic Pulses Tricks
3) Acoustic Energy Tricks
4) Laser-Induced Tricks
Note: "The existence of Non-lethal weaponry that exploits the microwaves auditory effect appears to have been classified "Secret NOFORN" in the USA from (at the latest) 1998, until the declassification on 6th December 2006 of "Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weaponry" in response to FOIA request." source from Wikipedia.
And the devices are likely
1) Integrated Remote Controlled Electronic Ballast in Lamps or TVs. (Electromagnetic waves pulses and Acoustic Energy)
2) Remote Controlled Variable Frequency Drive in vary types of household applicants (Electromagnetic waves pulses)
3) Mobile Cell Phone (Microwaves Radio Frequency)
4) Radio Transmitter (Electromagnetic waves pulses and Microwaves Radio Frequency)
5) Radio Receiver with Autogain Control capable to detect Extreme Low Frequency of EEG, EMG and ECG (from 1 Hz to 70 Hz)
6) Hidden Camera and Microphone
(I will discuss the psychological effects arise from these tricks and electronic devises on another topic.)

On top of these initiators there are the monitors who do all the planning and are seem to be formed by a committee of people, who think they have the right to control others’ wills……

Both initiators and monitors form the manipulating group have medical personnel involved among them; as the technology for this manipulating process need these medical personnel to attain to.

It is very unfortunate that not only your enemies but some of the initiators and monitors are your close friends, family members (brothers and sisters) and your own spouse. As far as this manipulating process is concerned; no friendship and family relationship will be considered; to them they are just carrying out their duties regardless of the under processed individual’s welfare……..

What make these initiators and monitors to do such acts is very much a mystery, nevertheless the background behind their motives to act as a team is definitely involved with lots of cunning and immoral deals; for example free and unrevealed sex plays (adulteries) among the team members, both power and money bribery, joy of controlling people, jealousy etc and an endless list of deals… and they seem to be very well coordinated, well trained within the team, this indicates that courses must have been conducted for the team members…..
Few Technical Tricks for pondering:

1. Murmuring and Brain waves Data
Certain psychedelic drugs which causes the self-murmuring symptom admitted to the under processed individual will cause this symptom to emerge, and during this period of ongoing desire to speak, the under processed individual ends up with self murmuring for at least one to few weeks, the brainwaves of each wording spoke will be detected by hidden electronic receivers and the wording of speech will be recorded then together with the brainwaves frequencies and recorded wordings will be matched and collected as data.
After this murmuring stage the undergoing processed individual will start to feel being controlled in the sense that his/her mind will be able to be read by divine force or spiritual and enter into a better synchronization stage…, in fact these are the tricks due to enough data collection on brainwaves frequencies matching the speech of wording during the murmuring stage: when the collection of matching on spoken words and brainwaves frequencies are enough to form the random combinations of fluent sets of meaning, then the hidden electronic receiver will be able to read one’s mind when he/she is thinking without speech, as the brainwaves emitting from the head will be detected and translated into fluent sets of meaningful wording…, then another electronic transmitter will then emit the signals to activated the matched frequencies for wording like right, wrong, ignore and etc…, with these simple words of instructions and the translation of fluent sets of meaningful wording from brainwaves; the undergoing processed individual will then be able guarded toward the desired behaviour which the manipulator wants.....

2. Tetanic Stimulation (High Frequency Sequence Stimulation) and dendritic spines growth in Synapses
How is the segregation being created? This is a question most of us want to know, and the key word may be on the "Tetanic stimulation":

“In neurobiology, a tetanic stimulation consists of a high-frequency sequence of individual stimulations of a neuron. It is associated with long-term potentiation.High-frequency stimulation causes an increase in transmitter release called post-tetanic potentiation (Kandel 2003). This presynaptic event is caused by calcium influx. Calcium-protein interactions then produce a change in vesicle exocytosis.
Tetanic stimulation is used to detect a non - depolarizing block or a depolarizing block on the neuromuscular junction.
Lower elicitations of tetanic stimulation in aged muscles were shown to be caused by lower levels of anaerobic energy provision in
skeletal muscles (Campbell, Marsh, Spriet, 1991).” (Source from Wikipedia)

With the continuation of electromagnetic waves at High Frequency stimulation, this process will cause the nerve neurons to stimulate the growth of more dendritic spines in synapses connections:

The more the connections of dendritic spines growth in synapses means the more sensitive to the receptions of the electromagnetic wave interferences (and strong emit of brainwaves too), hence only those who have undergone the process will be able to receive the electromagnetic waves signals well and therefore create the Segregation Phenomenon.

The increase of dendritic spines growth in synapses connections through Tetanic Stimulation may require the environment (or situation) of the undergone processed individual to be put into extreme stress (this may involve the short and long term potentiation) and drugs that help with the growth of dendritic spines growth in synapses will then admitted at the same time.

The Tetanic stimulation also plays an important role in executing the undergoing process individual’s mysteries behaviors; for example curling of the fingers, body jerking, difficulty on breathing and etc, either voluntary or involuntary movements, all these can be manipulated by the strength of the Tetanic Stimulation through different frequencies, different neurotransmitters (or signaling cascades via different levels of calcium influx) will then release to cause desirable effects on the undergoing processed individual’s body movements hence causes the individual to have a fear of this control…..then he/she will then stupidly follows the manipulator instruction......

3. The Interaction between Nerve fibers and Electromagnetism
How does electromagnetism able to influence us through Tetanic Stimulation?
First, we need to know all sensing, perception through our sensory organs as well as the responses of movement of our body are simply in a form of electrical impulses through our nerves systems.
The nerves systems are built up by bundles of neuron tissue. Further break down will just result collections of single neurons and connecting tissues.
Emitting of electrical pulses comes from the neurons itself, which causes releasing of different neurotransmitters or via versa.
It is management of the knowledge of electrical impulse in neuron fibers and knowing the pathways of the neurotransmitters release will basically able to construct all the sensing, perception as well as muscle movements of one’s body.
The excitation and inhibition of the electrical impulses are termed Depolarization and Hyperpolarization respectively. In normal cases, the neurotransmitters will trigger the depolarization into action potential and the inhibitors of neurotransmitter will trigger the hyperpolarization.
But, how does electromagnetism able to influence or trigger our neuron fiber excitation (depolarization into action phase) and inhibition (hyperpolarization)?
Before we go into this answer, we have to understand the electrical property of the nerve cell; McNeal’s Cable model of the Nerve fibers. In theory, a neuron fiber can be regarded as a cable, with capacitors and resisters lump in along it, if unmyelinated or if myelinated lump along the Ranvier nodes of the axon. Please refer to articles: Neuroprosthetics theory and practice by Kenneth W. Horch,Gurpreet S. Dhillon, Chapter 1.1 or in other Internet website for the same related topics Pages 538-555.
With this, the formula can be formulated and calculated for the membrane potential, therefore the extra potential that need to initiate the depolarization will no longer an untouchable topic. We can calculate the necessary voltage that can excite the depolarization and action potential hence cause the release of neurotransmitters which further excite the necessary cascade of actions and the desire sensing or movement can be achieved….this is how Neuroprosthetics work by an insertion of electrical stimulation device into the bundle of nerve fibers.
Now, how does the manipulator manage to manipulate individual’s body movement and mind set wirelessly rather than through the intrusive Neuroprosthetic devices?
The answer may be the same principle as in Transcranial magnetic stimulation:
“Technical information
TMS is simply the application of the principle of induction to get electrical current across the insulating tissues of the scalp and skull without discomfort. A coil of wire, encased in plastic, is held to the head. When the coil is energized by the rapid discharge of a large capacitor, a rapidly changing current flows in its windings. This produces a magnetic field oriented orthogonally to the plane of the coil. The magnetic field passes unimpeded through the skin and skull, inducing an oppositely directed current in the brain that flows tangentially with respect to skull. The current induced in the structure of the brain activates nearby nerve cells in much the same way as currents applied directly to the cortical surface. The path of this current is complex to model because the brain is a non-uniform conductor with an irregular shape. These magnetic fields do not directly affect the whole brain; they only reach about 2-3 centimeters into the brain directly beneath the treatment coil.[18] With stereotactic MRI-based control, the precision of targeting TMS can be approximated to a few millimeters (Hannula et al., Human Brain Mapping 2005).” Source from Wikipedia.
Rather than a few cm distance from the brain the distance of magnetic stimulation may be a long range with Waveguide (electromagnetism) to facilitate its propagation or high amplitude radio waves to achieve the same effects.
“Waveguide propagation modes depend on the operating wavelength and polarization and the shape and size of the guide. The longitudinal mode of a waveguide is a particular standing wave pattern formed by waves confined in the cavity. The transverse modes are classified into different types:
TE modes (Transverse Electric) have no electric field in the direction of propagation.
TM modes (Transverse Magnetic) have no magnetic field in the direction of propagation.
TEM modes (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) have no electric nor magnetic field in the direction of propagation.
Hybrid modes are those which have both electric and magnetic field components in the direction of propagation.” Source from Wikipedia.
TE modes (Transverse Electric) will likely be the candidate, which have no electric field in the direction of propagation.
However the Maxwell Law on Electromagnetic waves seems to be arguable when apply in the empty space; the fact is, the Radio Transmitter produces high amplitude oscillating magnetic lines (waves or oscillations). For further information, please go through this youtube video clip . It is therefore Radio Waves is a candidate too.
Different types of neuron fibers have different depolarization potentials, and these minute changes of voltage (in mV) that excite different types of neuron fibers into exciting stage (at action potential) can be induced by tuning the magnetic field to the right magnitude either by using gradient coils or simply a tunable capacitor.
The whole concept is to deliver (propagate) the magnetic field with right magnitude at the right precision of the nerves bundles which then follow the Farady’s law of Electromagnetic induction.
With the changing flux of magnetic field which focuses on the nerves bundle, the nerve fibers described as cable model acts like a conductor to be induced with a current, this current will be in the form of ions (Na+, K+, and Ca++) that flows in and out of the neuron fibers.
Hence the depolarization can be achieved, when its voltage is increased sufficiently the action potential will take over and if repeating stimulations are long enough, then Tetanic stimulation will set on, therefore intervention of the body movement and mindset can be achieved.
Further Discussions
Further discussion 1
Based on the information on 3, it is unlikely that the electromagnetive waves play a role but electromagnetism, and the segregation is not due to the increase of dendrite spines, which may simply the imprint of the “bad” memory during the manipulating process; to make the neuron more sensitive to the magnetic field it is likely more effective to increase the conductivity of the neuron/nerve fiber (cable), in this context; may be drug that analogize to heavy metals like lead which is able to accumulate in the neurons yet not fatal has been admitted to the under processing individual…., or drugs that can reduce the potassium ion (K+) may apply too, therefore the hyperpolarization will slow down…..
Since everybody has their own unique brainwaves EEG (Electroencephalography), electrical activities of heart ECG (Electrocardiography) and electrical activities of muscle motor EMG (Electromyography) patterns.
Having collection of a large Data base on individuals' EEG, ECG and EMG patterns, will likely be able to create segregating phenomenon, let us look into this simple example:
A radio transmitter which has a maximum capacity to emit frequency up to 1 MHz can be modulated to have lag times for individuals' EEGs, ECGs and EMGs, then this radio transmitter will be able to accomodate and influent (1,000,000 Hz divided by 12 Hz to 30 Hz [beta wave]) maximum 83,333 persons' and lowest 33,333 persons' brains'(or hearts' and muscles') activities in 1 second!! Hence different levels of segregations can be created.
With this radio transmitting with lag time modulation, it is easy to understand or explain why we have numbers of street straying "mental patients" or wanderers.....,
On all these cases only the medical personnel are qualified to do so…., then the question is why these medical personnel willingly assist a system which in moral is not right…???
Further discussion 2
Base on the technology described on 3, there are possibilities to exploit this technique on other fields; especially on the Medical field, Agriculture field, Safety & Security areas.
Medical field
a) Cure for cancer
The technology that magnetic fields can interfere the ions in cells; may able to activate the mitochondria of the cell to release Ca++ ion signals which in turn will activate the lysosome to start the apoptosis process, hence the cancer cell will destroy itself.
This technique may only be use for the initial tumor form, in the event that the cancer cells has not spread, with the MRI technology the accuracy of magnetic flux impact will stay within 1 mm range, the cancer patient need not suffer the pain of operation.
For those who are already in critical condition, that is after the cancer cells spread; tumors on different organs still can apoptosis, and the technique may further use to stimulate the increasing Natural Killer Cells to destroy the straying cancer cells, then the cancer will become a chronic disease, where by the cancer patient who are in the critical condition able to live as if the diabetic patients for at least extra 20 years -30 years of life span.
b) Boosting the immure system
The nervous system can be stimulated in order to trigger the immure system to produce various type of antigens. Thus helps us in fighting the infectious diseases.
c) Palliative and hospice care
Patients who are incurable may receive better qualities care through this technology, the significant of magnetic flux able to intervene autonomic nervous system (both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) will let the patient have a good quality care for the remaining life span, even to the extent when the dying process is onset the patient will benefit from a painless, peaceful and well aware farewell, in fact, the dying process is no more than the process of shutting down the autonomic nervous system and at the same time the extreme struggling from patient physiology to maintain the working of this autonomic nervous system…..,
d) Relief and care for disable patients
With its ability to interfere neuromuscular system and other neuro-systems, hence, body movement and sensory detection can be manipulated; this will give a full range of relieves and cares for the disable patients.
e) Eternal life span……,
To isolate the dying persons brain and sustain it in a machine with nutrient solution (assume the technical problem for the machine already solved), where by the electronic receptor able to detect the brain wave activity and the thinking of the brain will be able to translate into language for understanding and talking to the brain can be translate to the right intensity of magnetic flux that transmits the meaningful message to the brain, then in this sense, will this be another way to maintain eternal life span??? Will this preservation of brain activity and life span be useful for the space traveling…..????
Agriculture field
a) Activation of flowering and fruit bearing
Most fruit trees depend on the length of daylight to activate their genes to change the apical meristem to floral meristem.
This technology can be applied to inhibit the photosynthesis of the plant through the activity of H+ ions, therefore sending a pseudo shorter daylight message to the tree, hence triggering the genes to activate the transition of vegetative meristem to inflorescence meristem.
We therefore can freely select the seasons for fruit bearing; a continuous supply of seasonable fruits trough out the year will be possible at economical cost.
Similarly the technology can be applied to the flowering industry, whereby all year round we can have any seasonal flowers.
b) Improve the texture of meat
Stimulate the farm animals to break down the fatty tissue before slaughtering them; hence the meat will be tastier.
c) Increase productivity in milk industry
Cow’s nervous system can be stimulated by this technology to produce hormones which triggers milk production.
d) Preservation for fresh meat and fruit
This technology may be able to use on the preservation of foods; this can be done to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Safety and Security
a) In the dangerous zone of any road, magnetic flux transmitter devices can be installed to inhibit driver’s acceleration on the vehicle. Similarly any rule breaking done by the driver can be inhibited at different zones to insure the driver’s safety.
b) Both residential and commercial sectors security can be insured by using the magnetic flux transmitters to inhibit strangers with bad intention that comes too close.
c) Inhibition of unlawful acts in the public, for example installing the magnetic flux transmitters in non smoking area will inhibit smokers to smoke.
d) In certain high risk industry, acts will be prohibited, and the magnetic flux transmitters inhibits hazardous acts.
The above applications are just a simple glance of the usages of this classified technology.
In the hand of the knowledgeable experts, this technology can be developed for even more usages.
Nonetheless, this gives us an insight of the usefulness of this classified technology to human beings; just pondering a simple analogy; the nuclear bomb, which is so destructive to our human being yet its technology can be used to produce endless energy supplies!
There is no conflict on using a terrible weapon technology for the good of humanity, then why this classified technology can not be used for the good of humanity? This technology will be used for the good of humanity just as the nuclear technology used in power generators was once used in the destruction of mankind.
We, as a human beings spent million of years struggling from animals to human beings, and yet within a few decades of time, (if I am not wrong less than 70 years,) we are stupid enough to invent a technology as well design a system to put us back to the starting point; the animals….., with this technology, continuously use in manipulating people, what is the point of saying human beings are different from animals……?????