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Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.

Sequences, Severity of Clinical Disorders

The above diagram showed the path way of the Pan Maturing Process and the severity of the clinical disorders. The severity of clinical disorder in this diagram is not according to the ICD or DSM but closely present that the failure to cope with the Learning sequence will end up with the emergence of the symptoms described in the above diagram. These symptoms emergence can be described as follows:
1. Anxiety: Worrying on the synchronization, yet no body can understand one self….
2. Depression: with continue being ignored by the peers alike, Dismay will develop as whatever one self tries to match the synchronization environment seems not to work.
3. Paranoia Delusions: The continuing trying to match the environment yet not able to work will bring one self to have a feeling of Suspecting being drugged and Shocking on the experienced persons' pretending behaviors.
4. Compulsive idea/act: by now symptom will develop into inability to do as one’s wish, he has the feeling of being controlled not to performance what he wishes and only can performance the fit pattern of synchronizations.
5. Stereotypic speech/movement: The being control feeling on the one self body’s movement intensified, speak with no logic, vocal disorders and lack of control one’s mind will develop and may act aggressively.
6. Incoordination Psychomotor Excitement: Involuntary acts on one’s body, jerking, twitching and curling of hands and fingers etc….
7. Schizophrenia: totally loss control on one self with random repeating of step 3 to 6

The continuing failure in the Learning sequence will finally end in the Schizophrenia, where the incapable will be excluded from entering the Coexisting sequence. He/she will be forever discriminated unless he/she finally realizes the right track of the synchronization and relearn the Learning sequence with new ultimate aim.
The above two diagrams are too simple to present an insight between the Sequences and the Severity of Clinical Disorders. The diagrams can not explain the relationship between Sequences and the Severity of Clinical Disorders as well as how the Severity will happen.
The next diagram will explain the above questions:

The blue arrows represent the smooth “learning" in the Learning Sequences and entering to the Submissive, Justification and Coexisting sequences.
The red arrow lines represent the failure loops from the three Learning sub sequences and will develop into the Clinical Disorders.
The black arrows represent both the pathways of the Pan Maturing Process and Severity of Clinical Disorders.
Let us start with the stage 0, the typical representative for this stage will be a religious monk. If the monk happens to be induced or enters the Pan Maturing Process, when in the Muting sub sequence; this monk will get through the Muting sequence through the chanting of the religious script. In this situation the chanting will disguise his murmuring….
In the Ignoring sub sequence, the belief in the religious figures/power will let this monk easily ignore all the unnecessary synchronizations. The Selecting sub sequence will be the easiest sub sequence for him to get through; by simply picking the fit synchronizations that he learnt from the religion. Therefore in stage 0, no severity and symptom will develop.
However, if this person is not a monk or religious person then he/she may fail in the stage 0. Failure of stage 0 will lead this person into stage 1 of Pan Maturing Process which in this situation is express as the clinical disorder of Anxiety, where he/she will start to worry about the synchronization. However the individual still has to face the accommodation to the synchronization by continuing to adapt to the Learning Sequence until he/she learns how to mute, ignore and finally force to pick up a fit synchronization.
The cycle will continue. If the individual fails in stage 1 then he/she will be forced to the clinical disorder of Depression (the stage 2 of Pan Maturing Process) where he/she will feel dismay on the synchronization. He/she will still have to face the accommodation to the synchronization by continuing to adapt to the Learning Sequence until he/she learns how to mute, ignore and finally force to pick up a fit synchronization.
This process will continue with the severity of Clinical Disorder until reaches the Schizophrenia symptom (stage 7 of Pan Maturing Process), unless this individual learns the basis of Learning sequence and enter to the Submissive sequence. He/she will be forever discriminated as mental patient.
The continuing of failure to accommodate to the Learning sequence will make the individual to accumulate even more mislead synchronizations and finally the individual will be very difficult to go back the stage 0 situation.
The detail interactions between the progressive Clinical Disorders and Learning Sequence described above will have valuable and priceless evidences in solving the mystery of Pan Maturing Process.
The Surveying Questionnaires set for these interactions will enable a valuable data for solving, classifying and clarification of the severity of Clinical Disorders.
The Surveying Questionnaires for these interactions will also enable the study of the psychological and physiological causes of Pan Maturing Process. The questionnaires can be designed to test out whether the induction of Pan Maturing Process is natural or artificially induced or else it is natural and yet able to be induced and manipulated artificially.
Where as the Surveying Questionnaires for the interactions between social problems and submissive, justification as well as coexisting sequences can also be set in the same way as the Questionnaires set for interactions between Clinical Disorders and Learning Sequence, then the data will be collected for further study on the mature phase of Pan Maturing Process.
Note: LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) (Source from Wikipedia) and other Psychedelic drugs known as the halluciogens, or their derivatives can easily cause all the hallucinations feeling of synchronization. Beside the Psychedelic drugs the Induced Electromagnetic waves when at the right tuned frequencies will affect the brainwaves and able to cause the feeling of synchronization too (Source from Wikipedia). If the reader is smart enough and equipped with extra knowledge on psychology, neurology (especially in the field of neurotransmitters and brainwaves), psychiatry pharmacy and knowledge of electromagnetic induction he/she will be able to manipulating the severity of the clinical disorders as well as manipulating the mind set of the individual in respond to the Learning sequence…., and he/she will be able to create the desired manipulated behaviors and let the individual to do thing which the manipulator wishes……
On the other hand the belief in religion has a history of more than ten thousand years, whether the process to get one to believe in religion will be the same as the above Pan Maturing Process is yet to be proven; nevertheless what we can predict is if one is in a desperate situation his/her physiology (especially the nervous system) responds to the environment may trigger the on set of a synchronized process that lead one to believe in religion or spiritual power, and this triggering of the process may be already understood and being hijacked for manipulation….