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Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.

The Sequences, Behaviours, Clinical Disorders and Social Problems

The onset of the sequences will induce the individual undergoing the sequences to react with various behaviors and these responses will finally narrow down and sharpen up the individual to have a fixed pattern of behaviors which will project this individual’s fitness in the synchronization environment. The clinical disorders and social problems will occur when this individual is not able to fit into the right range of behavior pattern.

The Learning Sequence:

1) Muting sub-sequence:

Behaviors: the on set of incredible experiences and the perception of non-living things becoming alive and a series of events which this individual feels to be continuing coincidences and synchronization will lead the individual to a feeling of panic. The individual will like to tell people who are close to him/her about his/her experiences, yet the responses from these listeners will tend to discredit his/her experiences. This will lead to this individual to a feeling of helplessness. The worst of this sub-sequence is the continuing of the individual’s own mind forcing this individual to tell others of the incredible experiences.

This individual has to bear the miserable unpleasant feeling of wanting to tell but yet not able to tell what is going on about the on set of the synchronization. If this individual bear this miserable feeling and behaves in this way he/she will then be treated by the surrounding people as normal person.

Clinical Disorders will develop if this individual is not able to keep mute and continue to reveal the secrecy of this synchronization process. The individual will ended up being isolated and continue to be lack of self control to suppress the miserable unpleasant feeling of keep on telling the synchronization. The individual will be rejected by peers alike and then clinical disorder like anxiety, depression and even worst self-murmuring will develop.

2) Ignoring sub-sequence:

Behaviors: the continuing of coincidences and synchronization from different sources as well as the synchronized behaviors from surrounding people will tend to make the individual to a feeling of confusion. The individual will have strong desire to adjust his/her self to this new synchronized environment. However due to the vast synchronizations, this individual will tend to pick up too many synchronizations and behaves as if he/she is able to understand the behaviors of others or the environment. The vast varieties of imitated behaviors from him/her to the synchronized environment will not make this individual to adjust him/her self well to fit in the synchronized environment.

The learning of this ignorance is painful and very much depend on one’s attitude and philosophy of life that he/she acquired before the on set of the Pan Maturing Process. Basically the attitudes have to be compassion, forgiving, patient as well as altruistic. The ignoring sub-sequence will put a stern test on one’s attitude and personal quality towards the synchronization.

Clinical Disorders will develop if the individual fail to ignore the vast events of synchronization. The individual will then follow the random synchronizations and end up being a fool. For example believing too much in the synchronization, together with the confusion and own imagination will lead to awful behaviors and being classified as clinical disorders like paranoid etc. The continuing of not to ignore the synchronization will end up to much severity of mental disorder, yet to the individual he/she will feel his/her action is in the right logic and to follow the synchronization will relief him/her from the miserable feeling of not to synchronized. During this sub sequence if the individual continue to be rejected by peers alike the individual will develop the suicide intention due to not being understood and leave alone.

3) Selecting sub-sequence:

Behaviors: even though the individual has to ignore all the synchronization, yet through the vast variety of synchronizations the individual may feel that there are some synchronizations that fit his/her attitude and philosophy of life that he/she acquired before the on set of the Pan Maturing Process, for example the virtue to be compassion, forgiving, patient as well as altruistic. The individual will then follow this fit pattern of synchronizations. Or through the confusion of synchronization establish own feeling of gaining super nature power like being divine empowered to him/her, he/she then picks up the synchronization pattern as he/she feels fit.

In this sub-sequence it is very difficult to tell whether one has chosen the right pattern, because by now the selecting pattern will be very much fit for this individual own way of living and this picking of the fit pattern of synchronization will make the individual feels comfortable rather the miserable feeling of do not know what to do.

Clinical Disorders will develop if the pattern responds to the synchronization chosen by the individual is awful and not virtue, then clinical disorder of psychotic will appear as according to the pattern selected.

During the Learning Sequence, if the individual is not properly guarded toward the right track of synchronization then most of clinical disorders will develop in this stage.

The synchronizations of Learning Sequence have to be surveyed, properly classified and defined in order, so that the mechanism of the Pan Maturing Process can be revealed further.

The Submissive sequence:

1) Believing sub-sequence:

Behaviors: during this phase, due to the continuing synchronization happened in the Learning sequence the individual will tend to believe the synchronization of the environment is due to the divine or unknown force which is able to execute complete control over one’s life. With the feeling of being controlled, the individual will not be able do certain thing as if the body is being thoroughly controlled. Because his/her own mind feels being read by divine or spiritual power, he/she only able to do thing just follows the pattern of synchronization he/she has chosen from the Learning sequence. In this sub sequence the individual will therefore unconditionally accept the fact that one is being controlled.

2) Distinction sub-sequence:

Behaviors: once the individual believe that there is a controlling force he/she will then search to identify the force. The continuing of coincidences in meeting the symbols of certain religion will enhance the individual to recognize that particular religion. However if he/she is not convince, he/she will then tend toward hanging between scientific explanation and the spiritual explanation.

3) Definite sub-sequence:

Behaviors: once the individual identifies the chosen form of power in religion or spiritual force he/she will then have strong faith in it. The individual will rely on his/her chosen pattern of synchronization together with this religion or spiritual force to guard one self to avoid the miserable event.

During this Submissive Sequence one will accept one of the religions or spiritual forces as the believed divine force which causes the synchronization. However, if there is over believe in this divine power then Social Problems like religious extremists and cults will develop.

Also, if the individual is not able to adjust one self in the Learning Sequence and has clinical disorder symptoms then when he/she enter this Submissive sequence it will create more confusion than relief to one self, the severity of psychotic disorder will be even more serious.

The Justification sequence:

1) Utilization sub-sequence

Behaviors: when the individual enters this sub-sequence, he/she will try to exploit the fit pattern of synchronizations to guard and help one self toward his/her pursuing of expectation. For example, if during the Learning sequence the individual learnt to fit at a pattern of synchronizations dedicated love to own family then he/she will rely on this fit pattern of synchronizations that one self thought was from the power of divine/religious to guard one self to the well being of own family.

2) Confusing sub-sequence

Behaviors: while trying to exploit the fit synchronizations to assist one self to the ultimate aim that one self pursues, the individual will face the confusion that the fit synchronizations that he/she picked may not always help one self to the success and sometime the reverse. This confusion will bring the individual to go to the next sub-sequence – Justified sub-sequence.

3) Justified sub-sequence

Behaviors: because of the confusion in previous sub-sequence, the individual will adjust one self to the fit synchronizations. Based on the experiences on fit synchronizations, one will know how to justify whether to follow the synchronization or not to submit to the synchronization.

During the Justification sequence one will not have psychotic disorder. However, if in the Confusion sub sequence, the individual strongly believe the fit synchronization will work (if the previous fit synchronizations probability is high in successful rate) he/she will even pursue more extreme on the sudden crawl in synchronization and believe this will make one gain even more power from the divine or spiritual force. For example a witch may think she will gain the extraordinary power inspired by the synchronization to kill a baby, and then this will lead to the social problem like cult with murdering.
However, if the individual joins the authentic religion he/she can then avoid the Social problem by follow the guidance of the doctrine or practice of this religion.

The Co-existing sequence:

1) Peaceful sub-subsequence
Behaviors: praying will be the main behavior for the individual to gain peace in mind, he/she will leave his/her own fate to the God or divine and treat whatever the miserable event as the wish of God. The synchronizations of the environment by now to the individual will be part of the natural events and leave it to one own fate.

2) Avoiding sub-sequence
Behaviors: because of giving out the struggling with the fit synchronizations, and feeling that it is in vain to pursue the fit synchronizations or spiritual to help one self, the individual will tend to avoid or just ignore the synchronizations that one acquired during the Learning sequence. The attitude by now will be: “Alright, just let it like that, nothing much I can do with this synchronization…” and the attitude can be very much passive or proactive.

3) Fitful sub-sequence
Behaviors: even though the individual will not care much on the fit synchronizations, however once the individual is in a desperate situation, he/she will tend to go back to the Justification sequence to reassess the fit synchronizations for getting the guardian from the divine or spiritual power to go through the difficulty. However, this time rather than the synchronization coming to him/her, he/she will “invite” the synchronization. When the individual goes back to the Justification sequence there will be a potential for social problem to develop if he/she make a wrong judgment on the synchronization.

After all the sequences and their sub-sequences the individual is in the Mature Phase and he/she finally learnt to co-exist with the synchronized environment peacefully.

During the Learning sequence most of the Clinical Disorders will develop. During the Submissive sequence, Justification sequence and Co-existing sequence most of the Social Problems will develop.

Note: The above description of the Sequences, behaviors, clinical disorders and social problems were based on the one to one brief discussion with few experienced persons. The data will not be conclusive to determine the interaction between the sequences, behaviors, clinical disorders and social problems; therefore a more detail survey in the internet regarding the sequences will be necessary to eradicate the errors and provide accurate definition.